Green superfood powders are easy and tasty alternatives to stay healthy and fit with minimum efforts. With a variety of superfood powders available and each being made from different quantities of components, all you need is to check the nutritional value and get started.

How to use?

Greens superfood is usually available in powder form that can be mixed with water, soy milk or yogurt to make an easy, delicious drink. Taking a superfood drink is just like taking the superfood veggie itself.

  • Mixing superfood powder with yogurt can be like taking it in the form of a dessert. Having green super foods in the morning breakfast is also a good way to get the required carbohydrates from veggies.
  • It is a good idea to have superfood powders rather than having a salad or a bowl of boiled veggies.
  • Superfood should be dense in phyto nutrients. Though phyto nutrients are not required to survive, they are essential and have many health benefits. So, ensuring that the powder has a variety of potential phyto nutrients provided in plants is also important.
  • Ensure that your superfood powder has sprouted nuts and seeds included. Else, it is difficult for the body to digest them. It should also have digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Green Superfood powders

Why superfoods?

  1. They are easy alternatives to get the required daily nutrients.
  2. Contains other nutrients like digestive enzymes that can support your digestive system and stop inflammatory diseases.
  3. They are also tasty alternatives as mixed with yogurt or made into shakes.
  4. With no restrictions, almost anybody can have them including children where it is usually difficult to get them have veggies.
  5. With variety of superfood powders available, one can choose based on the nutritional requirement.

Texture and taste: Most superfood powders do not taste good as they are direct extracts. Still, what you can expect is that it tastes much like a glass of cold lemonade or a sweet tea. That being said, it takes time to get adjusted to a particular drink, but does not mean you should be gagging about the drink every day. Best option is to taste some beforehand to know the taste and texture is it is easily soluble. Also remember that green superfood powders may taste like grass.

They enhance body health: Unlike any other supplement or food, these superfoods promote the entire body health and not just of any one organ. This is because they contain antioxidants, amino acids and other nutrients which promote cellular health and boost blood circulation.