Want to stay hidden on the Internet? Try mixing services which protect your crypto. Today we’ll try to find out why Bestmixer is this very service to use.

If you have cryptocurrency and make some transactions from time to time, we recommend trying mixing services, especially Bestmixer. It allows users to delete everything about coins, to remove names and addresses in order to prevent robberies and problems with the law.

Start mixing by pressing one button

This anonymous Bitcoin mixer is very user-friendly. One can start tumbling crypto with a click, just press the “Start Mixing!” button and choose the necessary settings. Users will be asked to set the transfer delay time and choose the suitable mixing pool. The strength of mixing will be shown below.

Facts and numbers which make people use Bestmixer

We’ve analyzed and summarized everything from the official website (https://bestmixer.io/en) to reveal all advantages of Bestmixer.
– There are 4 types of crypto available for mixing: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.
– The website is translated into 11 languages.
– There are 3 mixing pools: Alpha, Beta and Gamma.
– The minimum fee for any coin is 0,5%.
– All information about the mixing is deleted in 24 hours.

As you can see, there are many reasons to choose Bestmixer instead of other services. Don’t forget that there are guarantees and discounts so you will save money. The more cryptocurrency users send – the less they pay. Sounds great, doesn’t it?