Now there are many different CRM systems for automated management of activities of travel agencies presented at the software market for travel business. The best of those are implemented in the form of web applications like this, executing everything the main operations with which tourism managers deal, and using at the same time the uniform database.
Usually, the number of basic functions which shall be provided in CRM systems includes the following functions:
● control of clients
● control of sales
● control of accounts department
● document management
● control of analytics and reports.
However, before choosing the right CRM
for your business you need to check the below:

● Whether the program fits your business approaches. If for implementation of the program you have to break the working processes, then, most likely, she will not get accustomed in the company. Check how the specifics of travel business are considered: whether it is possible to make bookings from the program, to create personal tours, to store information on hotels with responses of tourists, to fill out data on tour operators.
● Additional options (the SMS, mailing, the IP telephony, compilation of selections of tours, modules on the website). Perhaps, you do not plan to make mailing, to integrate CRM with the IP telephony and the website. But if the agency grows and develops, then it needs more tools for attraction and holding clients, so, the expanded functionality will be necessary. It would be bad to learn that your program, for example, is not able to calculate automatically bonuses when you develop and want to implement own system of loyalty.
● Program installation options (cloud vs desktop). Is it possible to work with CRM via the browser? It is up to you to choose whether the client base is stored on a server or the cloud, but it is good if the company the supplier is ready to provide this choice to you.
● Data security.
● The very important point as your database should be protected. Check access rights of the employee, define whether it is possible to close unloading of contacts or editing the amount of the requests.
● Interface. Estimate whether it is convenient to work in the program whether it is possible to understand assignment of tabs and fields intuitively. Try to create the request from scratch.
● Opportunities for analytics. Define whether it is possible to finish reports and printing forms independently.