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24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- LiquiGlide Inc. today announced it has closed $16 million in new financing. Investors that played a key role in the funding include Structure Capital, Valia Investments, Struck Capital and Pilot Grove. LiquiGlide will use the capital to grow its existing packaging business while also accelerating the commercialization of new coating applications in the industrial and food manufacturing markets. As part of the investment, Jillian Manus, managing partner at Structure Capital, a seed and early stage venture fund providing capital and marketing strategy to companies working to eliminate waste, has been named to LiquiGlide's board of directors. Manus and the team at Structure Capital were early investors in, Uber and Tesla. Of the investment in LiquiGlide, Manus said: "Structure Capital's mission is to be the architects of a zero-waste economy, and LiquiGlide's slippery coating technology redefines the elimination of waste.

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