There are lots of situations in our life when we have to wait for something, for instance, at an airport, at a bus stop, at a café, etc. Now that we have smartphones, tablets, and other devices, we can easily kill our time by reading books, surfing the Internet, checking out social networks, and more. Playing games is also a good option to kill your time, but it may be not that easy to find something really engaging that would not frustrate you due to the slow internet connection, large sizes of files to download, and other issues. io games are perfect for this purpose, and in this article, you will find out why.

About .io Games

Simple yet addicting are the two words that perfectly describe .io games. You will be playing various simple games against live players trying to survive. It is very easy to learn how to play these games but may be really difficult to win. You will be attacked, and you will have to attack. There are plenty of .io games, such as,,, Cats vs. Dogs,, and more games.  They are suitable for both kids and adults, which also allow them to be great entertainment for a whole family.

What Do You Need to Play .io Games?

One of the best things about these games is that you only need to have a compatible device and access to the Internet. It takes seconds to load a website, for instance,, and choose the game that you wish to play. You can invite your friends to join you online, and you will have lots of fun together. There is also a live chat option that allows you to communicate with players from different countries. No download is required because all .io games are web-based, and registration is also not necessary.